"block run" is on port 9000, but something is trying to reach port 9001

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4 - Data Explorer

I have just started playing with blocks…err… apps
Following the instructions, I have launched “block run” and obtained the message:
:white_check_mark: Your block is running locally at https://localhost:9000
(this is in a virtual machine, so I have redirected port 9000 and I can reach the url in question)

So far so good… However, when trying to enter this address in the block configuration, I was getting a connection error. The page in question could be reached in the browser, but the app would not want to connect.

Upon inspection, I noticed in the console that the site was trying to reach the following file:
http://localhost:9001/__runFrame/ping.gif and getting a “404”.

So, if you happen to not have redirected port 9001 (not expected) as well as 9000 (expected), it will fail. Redirecting port 9001 makes it work.

I would suggest fixing the documentation to mention this (Airtable Blocks SDK), or fixing the code.


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