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4 - Data Explorer

Greetings! :wave: I am a newbie here and have just started to explore Airtable! I have got a requirement to have a dynamic table which includes the alerts and a few metrics from google cloud monitoring, Is it possible to have such a thing built using Airtable scripting? Appreciate if someone could share some thoughts/suggestions on this. Thanks!

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Yep - this is possible.

I’ve done this for one client using a script automation that runs periodically looking for updates from the monitoring API.

Awesome, thanks @Bill.French. Is there any references/examples which can help me to get started?

I wish there were. Unfortunately, my limited experience doing this with cloud monitoring was as a work-for-hire and the client is very guarded about the IP. It wasn’t difficult though - just find a script automation that makes a REST call and expand it to accommodate the REST interface as well as the authentication requirements.