Table creates multiple records per record. Should I / How can I separate?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


I have about 4 tables all linked together (Activity, Resource, Activity + Resource junction called ResourceInstance and Calendar). First is an activity/Resource junction to create what I have called a ResourceInstance. This ResourceInstance record is given a quantity and then assigned to one or many dates. I have that ResourceInstance linked to a Calendar table that is what is shown above. This is effectively a junction between ResourceInstance and Date. There is obviously only one record for each date on the Calendar table, but can be multiple ResourceInstances (even with the same Resource) can exist on the same day creating these multiple values in each column.

My end goal is to prepare this date for visualization in bar/line charts, grouped by Resource, not ResourceInstance. (i.e. LaborCrew 1 usage for each day, with many different activities using it, often on the same day.)

With this in mind:
–What integration would work best for charting over time (by day)? (AirTable charts seem lacking here)
–Do I need to separate these records into discrete records or is there something that will recognize the individual records within the Date record on Calendar table? (AirTable pivot table only works at the cell level, a SUM is not sufficient as there are potentially different resources on the same day. #ResourceA + #ResourceB does me no good.

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