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Unable to create new table in existing base using API

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Hi All, 

I would like to use the Airtable API to create a new table in an existing base. I've tried using Python/ PyAirtable as well as https requests via Postman. The API reference uses the following:{baseId}/tables 

However, the last bit seemed rather strange to me plus I'm getting the following error:


    "error": {
        "message": "Invalid permissions, or the requested model was not found. Check that your token has the required permissions and that the model names and/or ids are correct."


I'm using a personal token, with the required scopes (i.e. schema.bases:write)

Screenshot 2022-12-08 at 16.29.16.png

And the following payload (copied from the example):


    "description": "A to-do list of places to visit",
    "fields": [
        "description": "Name of the apartment",
        "name": "Name",
        "type": "singleLineText"
        "name": "Address",
        "type": "singleLineText"
        "name": "Visited",
        "options": {
          "color": "greenBright",
          "icon": "check"
        "type": "checkbox"
    "name": "Apartments"


The token is added as Authorization: Bearer header in postman. 

and lastly, the content type setting: 


Maybe I'm missing something obvious but why doesn't this post request work? Other post requests in the same base work fine (adding a record)




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To answer my own question. For some reason this particular section of the API uses a different URL.


instead of