Youtube uploaded video link to Airtable via Integromat

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In case somebody looks for ways to get uploaded Youtube channel video links to Airtable…

You can go Zapier …
Or you can go Integromat. However, Integromat doesn’t list Youtube as one of the available integration options. I’m not sure why is that. Is it because Youtube is not a business app?

I found link to automation template and that enables to get the Youtube app.


You need to create API credentials for Youtube (it’s a bit pain, the description here doesn’t match anymore)…



In this scenario the name of the Yourube video matches the name of the record in the Airtable field.

Set the limit of number of records to return to “1”. If multiple videos have same title, I believe higher number would result in the record being possible overwritten with subsequent links or there would be concatenated record with links. (On the other hand, maybe can set the Max number of cycles higher than 1?? in Settings of the workflow … I am not sure about this one).

The benefit of this integration is obvious - I can record a video with Youtube app, save it with name matching the name of the record’s field name in Airtable and I’ll get the Youtube link uploaded in Airtable YoutubeURL field.

Since Airtable can’t record videos, this is a good workaround with little effort required other than knowing setting the name of the recorded video to match the field of the record. Before you save the video you could also go to Airtable and copy the field before doing the video and once video being saved past the text and save the video with the name matching the Airtable field.

The videos in your Youtube channel must be Public. The workflow will not work if the video is set to Private or Unlisted.

If you want to keep your channel separate from the videos uploaded to Airtable, you can add additional channel and switch between them here:

To configure the current channel you can go here:

You can add description to the uploaded video. That description can also be loaded into separate field in Airtable. Additional useful information would be location of the recorded video. You can use that with Google Maps to create geocoded maps of videos and publish to your site.

Updated: You can ass “Get Video Captions” module to auto-upload transcript of your recorded videos into Airtable, or auto-upload captions from Airtable to the video in Youtube.

Useful stuff. Youtube uploaded video link to Airtable via Integromat Youtube uploaded video link to Airtable via Integromat

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