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A date formula!

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Maybe its the new year but I am having a trouble trying to work this out. :slightly_smiling_face:

I need a cell to work out 7 postal days from a specified date and add it to a number based on a date column.

for example.

date column has the date of today entered. 16th jan. 7 working days from today makes that the 27th Jan then it needs to add on another 14 calendar days and display the date it works out.

Im scratching my head here! lol

thanks all!

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I think I solved some of it…

DATEADD(WORKDAY({Date Of Termo issued},7), 14, ‘days’)

I had it backwards and tried to work the 7 days first instead of adding the 14 days to the worked out 7 days date.

But I now get an error statement if the date of termo field is blank…


IF({Date Of Termo issued}, DATEADD(WORKDAY({Date Of Termo issued},7), 14, ‘days’))

now Im happy. :slightly_smiling_face: