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4 - Data Explorer


I just started with Airtable, and to be able to use it, I need solve this problem. 

I am having a database of volunteers on a national level. I would like to make them write their post number when they apply, and in the base allocate a decided municipality and local chapter. 

This information we gather from a Typeform. I have matched the options in my Typeform and Base/Field as a single choice. It works well until den, but how to make it work in Airtable is the next step. 

This is not in the US. There are around 5000 post numbers that are going to be distribute in 15 "municipalities". Some chapters allocate more than one municipality.
Is the single choice the best one for this purpose? Would an IF formula work?
What is the most effective way to do this with that amount of data? 

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