Associate multiple value cell with another cell of the same record

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4 - Data Explorer

Here is my problem: I have a table of SONGS. In addition to the song title, there are the Composers, Lyricists and Publishers fields. Each of these three fields are populated through a link to my Contacts Table. Of course, there can have more than one composers, lyricists and publishers for any given song; sometimes only one person taking all these roles. Now, the idea is to assign to each of these shareholders (this is how to call them) their specific percentage (the total, of course, amounting to 100%). These numbers may vary from one record to the other, even when we have the exact same shareholders.

So, is there a way to assign a specific percentage to each of the multiple shareholders for each record? In other words, I’d like to get something like:

Composer 1: 12,5%
Composer 2: 12,5%
Lyricist: 25%
Publisher 1: 25%
Publisher 2: 25%

For example… :slightly_smiling_face:

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The short answer is that you would need to create a 3rd table called “Shareholders” which acts as the “join table” between your “Songs” table and your “Contacts” table.

In the “Shareholders” table, each record would be linked to a specific “Song” and linked to a specific “Contact”. This is also the table where you would type in the contact’s role & their percentage.

So, in other words, each record in this new “Shareholders” table will represent a unique combination of Song/Contact/Role/Percentage.

Back in your “Songs” table, Airtable will automatically create a reverse linked field to this new “Shareholders” table, so you will be able to see a list of all the Shareholders associated with each song. (If you’re not seeing this reverse linked field, you will find it under “Hidden Fields”.)