Associating multiple select field with subsequent specific multiple select fields

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4 - Data Explorer

If I make multiple selections from a dropdown list is there a way to associate each of those selections with a specific selection from a different multiple selection field? Using the existing Product Catalog template as an example it is easy to understand what my issue is..... If I choose two+ items from the multiple select "Materials" field (ex. "Light Wood" & "Metal"), then choose one or more colors from the multiple select "Color" field (ex. "white" "brown" "black") I have no way of knowing which color is associated with which material. Is there a way to differentiate between having a "Light Wood" in "white" "brown" and "Metal" in "brown" "black" "white"?

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It depends on what's your desired output. Since you can change order of selected items, you can rely on their order. For example, my script. It has just one multiselect field, and associate it according to the order of items in bulleted list. It helps to prevent repeating field type multiple times.