Automatically refresh formula [PLEASE HELP, ITS VERY IMPORTANT TO ME]

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello, I’m new to Airtable. That’s why I’m asking for help with something I can’t solve.

I have two tables. One is Class Attendance and one is Lesson List. The Class Attendance table includes student names, student ID rows and course dates columns. If I write the value of 1 in the course date column, the student is enrolled in that course. If I leave it blank, it is not entered. And I also created a formula column and wrote this formula.

( COUNT({2021-10-05},{2021-10-06},{2021-10-13},{2021-10-23}) / COUNTALL({2021-10-05},{2021-10-06},{2021-10-13},{2021-10-23}) ) *100

This formula is the number of courses taken by the student/total number of courses. The result is the student’s success score.

In the Course List table, I wrote the course dates, assuming that the course dates were determined in advance. I opened a new column and put a checkbox. I will tick the checkbox after that lesson is complete.

What I want to do is to automatically create a new column in the Class Attendance table after I tick the checkbox in the Lesson List table. I will go to that column and write 1 if the student has attended the class. If not, I’ll leave it blank. But let that added column be added to my formula. And I want the formula to work again automatically.

Ekran Resmi 2021-10-20 13.26.15
Ekran Resmi 2021-10-20 13.26.21

I cannot apply this event that I can express verbally. What should I do? Can you help me?.

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Hi @buse ,

I’m not very familiar building my own FORMULAS but I’m reading often about Community’s Experts Formulas to keep myself aware before starting to script.

But reading your message, I don’t remember one previous Community’s Use Case where FORMULA got updated neither by another Formula nor by Scripting API’s.

My personal experience tells me that FORMULA text (the FORMULA itself) isn’t Creatable/Readable/Modifiable/Deletable (CRUD) from any FORMULA nor Script !

If adding a column should be the best Base/Table model for you, I’m note sure of this because this is not a usual Community’s Use Case too, you will get this working by one or another Scripting API because Adding Fields (Columns) is out of FORMULA capabilities…

Here’s my last LINK to my favourite AIRTABLE’s and Community’s ressources about FORMULAs and Scripting APIs.

Note that a Column in Airtable is a FIELD : that’s useful to search Scripting APIs.

But I have a feeling that Community’s Experts in Base Design would advise you to go back to your Use Case initial study in a different way to avoid creating additional Fields programmatically : One Table is limited to 500 Fields ( at my knowledge and own experience) and it was previously not yet recommended to model to programmatically add fields and fields to one table to reach a good data solution.



olpy is correct on all fronts. if you want to try explaining your use case we might be able to help a little better. what you’re looking for, according to your initial post, is probably not the answer.