Automatically subtract parts inventory from products sold

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone, and @Jeremy_Oglesby in particular. I desperately need some assistance on this one. What I would really like is to be able to set up a product list with an automated parts inventory list. The moment I hit [PRODUCT SOLD], the designated parts to that particular product then should be subtracted from the parts inventory list automatically. To be able to do this I grouped records under a product type in a many to many junction table and told Airtable how many parts each product consists of. But… I cannot get this to work.

Here you’ll find a copy of the base. The base is still somewhat of a mess. I translated the base as well as I could from Dutch to English in order for you folks to be able to peek in, please do:

But then, then I found the jewelry base of @jeremy_Oglesby in the Airtable universe, like here. That’s quite something, but it seems that I still have to manually subtract the parts inventory table when I hit [FULFILLED] in the ORDER REQUEST TAB. Do I understand the workflow correctly? It would be so very nice when that would go automatically…

So, in the end I really doubt wether this idea is possible in the first place. On top of that, I cannot say I am into formulas, but I do find out how formula stuff works by playing the copy-cat through Google, or here on the forum. Unfortunately I am not on the Pro plan, but if that is necessary to get this done I will.

Will you please help me out here? @Jeremy_Oglesby, @K_V @W_Vann_Hall @AlliAlosa or anyone who is really into this stuff? Many to many thanks :slightly_smiling_face: in advance from the Netherlands!

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