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Basic table linking & grouping

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Hi, rather a basic question but escaping me at the moment.

If I have a table that has columns Date & Amount, how could I get another table that summarises this data into Week number, Total for Week


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Actually my question is more, how do i auto populate the records of a linked record in a table based on a grouping

First off, I’m sorry to see that this wasn’t addressed sooner. :frowning:

What I suggest is using a new view to display the data you’re seeking, instead of building a summary table. The latter could be done, but building a view in the same table would be much easier.

First you’ll need to add a new formula field to your table that will calculate the week number based on the {Date} field. Name it {Week Number}, and use the formula: WEEKNUM(Date) . Feel free to hide this field once it’s made. (Note: if you need to change the day that each calculated week begins, add that as a second argument; i.e. WEEKNUM(Date, "Monday") )

Next create a new view for your table, naming it something like “Summary” or whatever you prefer. In that view, add a new group that’s driven by the {Week Number} field. This will make groups by week number, and each group will have its own summary of the values in the {Amount} field in the summary bar at the top of the group.

Thanks for the response, will take a look.

I assume if it’s a view then you cannot have extra info in that view.

I was imagining one table with, for example, date & amount then the next table with week total and then another column to indicated that week had been manually processed etc.


You can add extra fields, but to the whole Table. In addition, you could hide those fields in the other Views.