Building a Content Planner with Advanced Analytics

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I am creating a Landing Page testing and analytics tool. Basically, on a table called ‘Components’ I have taken all components you would expect in a landing page and divided them into records, organized by their type (for example, “Hero Unit”, “Benefit”, “CTA”, etc…)

Then, on a separate table called “tests”, I link components into records, with five sections linked to components (labelled ‘Top Section’, ‘Section 1’, ‘Section 2’, etc…). I then compile components into various sections (sometimes randomly, sometimes planned).

These basically run as tests through a CMS that allows me to create lots of iterations of landing page. I gain some basic analytics (visitors vs. conversions) that I then want to be back traced to the original component (as analytics will only be for the whole page, not for sections of it).

In this way, I’m hoping every test I run (and have conversion numbers for) will help me understand which components are most greatly responsible for creating conversions.

My question is, how can I get conversion results from each test I run under the ‘analytics’ table to roll-up next to appropriate components?

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