Calculate a Minimum Sample Size for an experiment

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi all, i am trying to reproduce an exel formula that calculates the Minimum Sample Size based on some values in Airtable.

the formula in excel is like this:

AB2 = value from call (TRUE/FALSE)
I2 = 10% (value from cell)
AC2 = 20% (value from cell)
K2 = 2 (value from sell)
I am stuck with the use of “^” (power)

any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.

Regards Maichel

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Excel > Airtable

The biggest transition will be converting your formula so that instead of cell references, you refer to an entire column or field. Example:

  A        B        C
1 Fruit    Color    Color + Fruit    Excel Formula    Airtable Formula
2 Apple    Red      AppleRed         A2 & B2          {Fruit} & {Color}


Checkout the formula field reference. Instead of Base ^ Power, you’ll use POWER(base, power).

Thanks Zollie, i will need to play around with the (POWER(base,power) furmula. i will get back when i get it working or get stuck again,

Hey Maichel,

was wondering, did you manage to get this working?
We’re also using Airtable for experimentation tracking, maybe we could share tips?