Calculating dates in service and formatting to year,months,days

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I have been looking at the boards for hours now and can't seem to find the formula I am looking for. I have it in Excel however, the formula does not work in airtable.


=DATEDIF(0,C2,"Y") &" Years "&DATEDIF(0,C2,"YM")&" Months "&DATEDIF(0,C2,"MD")&" Days "


Ideally, I would like to take out the Total Days part and just get the Breakdown from the Start Date. At this point though, either way would work. Can someone please help me out with the formula.


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I'm missing the point here. You only have 1 start date, but you want to get the number of years? 

If you're working with a (manually added?) number of days, this could work, but it still a bit of guessing since it takes 30 days in a month, which can vary of course. Same for the 365 days in a year every 4 years.

IF({Total Days}, CONCATENATE(FLOOR({Total Days}/365), " Years ", " ", FLOOR({Total Days}/30), " Months ", {Total Days}, " Days"))


I am looking for the breakdown (yr,mo,day) of the total time in service/employed from the start date. As an example: If I had 500 days it would give me 1 year, 4 months, 13 days.


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