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% completion in a project

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Can someone help me find % completed? So in my Airtable, there are various tasks and subtasks. For example, Legal will 5 tasks and the statuses are complete and not started. What I am trying to find out is if 3 of those 5 are complete then how can it display 3/5 in % terms in Legal. Same for Operations under Operations category. And lastly, I want to add total project completion percentage based on LEGAL and OPERATIONS.

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I am trying to do this too. It should be a simple divide (/) formula. in your case it should be {complete}/{tasks}. As per the examole in the help see ‘Basic calculations > Divide’
I am trying to get % of female and male in a group by taking {no of F}/{Total} and it is not working the answer is 0 in every case. My total is a formula of the other 2 columns added together, i don’t know if this makes a difference.

I finally got this worked out. The formula is a divide one as I described, BUT, to get the % showing correctly, click on the ‘Format’ tab and select %Percentage form the drop down options.
Would be good if that final step was in the instructions somewhere.

  1. Did you change the statuses or whatever cell that triggers % change?
  2. also,change the formatting to % in the column where you want to display %. There is a tab next to formula tab
  3. In my case I have added another table where there is a total task column and task completed column. And then I divide tasks completed by total tasks in third column.
  4. since you have male/female. you can use if statement. IF male then 1 or IF female then 2. Roll that up in the linked table to find %. What will happen is as and when you keep updating male female statuses, the linked table will get automatically updated to display %. Lastly, those % can be brought into the main table using lookup function.

Hope this is helpful!