Concatenate with datetime formula is adding an additional day

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hey everyone! I’m creating a column in a table where I’m concatenating a date field (formula driven), client name and default text. The result of the concatenate is adding an extra day to the formula driven date. Below is the formula and I uploaded an image of the dates reflecting the additional day. Any insight on what’s causing this? It’s so weird!
Formula in the concatenate field: CONCATENATE(DATETIME_FORMAT({Monthly Rental Fee Renewal Date},‘MM-DD-YY’)," | “,{Client Name},” | ",“Rental Fee Renewal Date”)

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The most likely answer is it having to do with timezones. Use the SET_TIMEZONE() function to force a particular timezone. The format would be something like

    SET_TIMEZONE({Monthly Rental Fee Renewal Date}, "America/Los_Angeles"), 

Thank you! This is what I have and it isn’t working:
CONCATENATE(DATETIME_FORMAT(SET_TIMEZONE({Monthly Rental Fee Renewal Date}, “America/Chicago”),‘MM-DD-YY’)," | “,{Client Name},” | ",“Rental Fee Renewal Date”)