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4 - Data Explorer


New to AT community and hope to find help. This could be extremely simple but not sure how this field needs to be coded.

Column needing help = “Monthly Fee”

As shown in the fee section, is there a way to assign a value to each selected fee? For example, Exempt = $0, Forewarn =$5, Admin =$10? Therefore once any combination of those fees are selected it populates a total in the Monthly Fee section?
Assume the Monthly Fee section needs to be a formula but not sure which formula it needs to be or how to do it?

Thanks so much!AT Question

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

Hi and welcome @Shawn_Ryken!
I would suggest making {Monthly Fee} a formula field and use a SWITCH()-formula in it.


If you’re going to use the output in another field I would recommend to leave out the dollar sign in your SWITCH()-formula.

You can find a realy handy formula field reference guide here for future use.

EDITED: Sorry, I was too fast to post / too fast reading, so I missed that it’s a multiple select field.
I’ll update with an answer in a bit.

Okay, this is maybe not all that elegant, but it does what you’re asking for.