Counting contact names within accounts

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4 - Data Explorer

I’m working on creating a table for company accounts w/specific contacts within it.

Table 1 - list of all contacts
Table 2 - list of all companies

The company table contains a link to the contact table to pull over the contact names & company name. What I want to do is create a field that counts how many contacts I have within each company.

In my screenshots, the black lines are unique companies & contacts. The two yellow lines are unique contacts within the same company. The two green lines are also unique contacts within the same company. I want a new field that counts per company how many unique contacts per company. So the yellow company would read 2, black companies would read 1. This field would be in the company table (first screenshot).


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Hi @Rebecca_Bartel1 and welcome to the community!

U can use a rollup field with, eg, the function COUNTALL(values) for this in your company table. It will count the number of contacts that are linked with each company.