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Creating a formula to filter for a date range as well as a check box

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I’m looking for help to write a formula that will help filter records that meet these requirements. I can’t seem to get it done using the filter function.

Where date is within the next week
Where date is within the last 3 days
Where check box is not marked

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Hi and welcome to Airtable!

Do you mean literaly within the next week, like within week 39 now, or do you mean within the next 7 days?

Try this:

    DATETIME_FORMAT(Date, 'W') = DATETIME_FORMAT( DATEADD(Today(), 1, 'weeks') , 'W'),
      IS_BEFORE(Date, Today()),
      IS_AFTER(Date, DATEADD(Today(), -4, 'days')),
      Checkbox = 1
"Meets criteria",
"Don't meet criteria"

Thank you so much - I actually figured out a way to force it to work by reordering the filters!