Customized Form Creation Issue: Hidden Field Conditional Formatting for Delegates' Progress Tracking

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello everyone. 

I just started my journey with air table but I am facing a dilemma with hidden field formation on a form that i am tryng to create. 

Here is the background of my issue. 

I have two tables Delegates and Summary: The "Delegates" section contains details such as names, businesses, and dates of birth. The "Summary" section is linked to the "Delegates" table and presents information in a structured manner. It includes not only names, businesses, and birthdates but also 80 additional fields representing steps that delegates need to complete in a program. Delegates can complete these steps in any order; for instance, Delegate 1 might finish steps 1 and 3, while Delegate B might complete steps 3, 4, 6, and 7. Each step allows the delegate to select whether it was completed before the bootcamp (BF), after the bootcamp (AB), or during the bootcamp (BT). This selection is indicated in the respective cells, distinguishing between AB and BT.

My objective has two aspects.

Firstly, I've successfully created a prefilled form with a personalized link for each delegate that prefilled their name on the form, as shown in screenshot 1 below.

Now I want to tailor the form to display only the steps they haven't yet completed. If Delegate A has 20 incomplete steps out of 80, their form will include 20 questions, whereas Delegate B, with 40 incomplete steps, will receive a form featuring those 40 steps exclusively. This form updates automatically, factoring in existing steps, thus eliminating the need for frequent form recreations.

To achieve this, I employed the "Show field only if condition is met" feature for each of the 80 steps on the form, utilizing the condition "is empty". That is what the second screenshot is showing. 

The problem is when i click on the personalized link for each delegate, their name is prefilled, but all the 80 fields are still showing even though i added the hidden field conditional formatting to all of them. I am very confused as to why the hidden field conditional formatting that i added in the form is not working. If anyone has an idea that would be great. I tried to provide very ample explanation but if you have a question, let me know. 

Thank you in advance 



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