Difference in Date for For Different Records w/ Same Serial Number

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I am importing customer support tickets from another database (Hubspot) in an attempt to calculate the following:

1) What is the duration between each ticket date (single field) for the same product serial number? The goal is to understand the average duration (in days) between customer tickets for each product (serial number) sold. 

For example, if one product (serial number) has three ticket records (imported from Hubspot) - If the first ticket record has a date of 1/1/23, the second has a date of 1/4/23 and the third has a date of 1/8/23, it would return the dates of 3 days and 4 days between each sequential record. 

How do I get Airtable to calculate the date difference from the same field? 

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