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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I’ve been checking around the community for a workaround for this issue.

Sooo… here’s my dilemma… I have four columns:


An item could be like a box of pens, while the pens would be the unit.

I’m trying to find the percentage of actual Units in Stock as compared to the Total Units by a percentage. I checked to make sure all columns are integers.

I tried it two ways:

  1. {Total Units in Stock}/{Total Units}

  2. {Total Units in Stock}/({Units/Item}*{Items in Stock})

Total Units = {Units/Item}*{Items in Stock}

PS. I tried to change all columns to decimals as well with no luck

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What do you mean by no luck? Your screenshot doesn’t include the formula field where you’re attempting the division and you haven’t described what result you get from your attempted formula or why that result is wrong.

Are you getting an error?

I solved the issue it’s okay. When I get some more time I’ll explain more. Thanks for the reply