Formula creating a total for multiplying multiple columns by fixed cost

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello! I figured this out before and accidentally cleared it a while back without noticing. For context, I am trying to find the total cost associated with ordering additional curriculum books. 

In the form submitted, customers can select additional books for purchase at $45 for K-2nd and $60 for 3rd-6th.

I am trying to find the sum of:

multiplying the following columns by $45: Additional K English, Additional K Spanish, Additional 1st English, Additional 1st Spanish, Additional 2nd English, Additional 2nd Spanish 

multiplying the following columns by $60: Additional 3rd English, Additional 3rd Spanish, Additional 4th English, Additional 4th Spanish, Additional 5th English, Additional 5th Spanish, Additional 6th English, Additional 6th Spanish

for a total cost to appear in "Additional Books Purchased:"


ex: 1 additional K Spanish & 1 additional 6th English would equal $105 in the additional books purchased column. 

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

Hi @tarincook,

Is the selection of books a multi-select or a linked record?
Ideally, it would be easier to manage books and calculate prices if there is a book table, with selections made by link record, and prices set for each book.
If multi-select, you would need to condition all book names with a formula.