Formula for conjunction between leave for people in the same team

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6 - Interface Innovator


Here is what I am trying to create:
A formula that results in telling me if the same collaborator's scheduled leave is going to conjunct with another collaborator in the same team.

This is what I am working with:

  • leave start date
  • leave end date
  • Team Slack ID which is a lookup field directly connected to the collaborator selection eg. if Mary JONES selects her name, the Slack ID for her teams HR and Marketing will show.

I am trying to build a formula that will:

  1. be able to identify conjunction between leave periods.
  2. search if this conjunction is happening between collaborators who work in the same team.

Has anyone some ideas to share?

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This sounds a job for automations (or scripts) more than a formula. Are you interested in exploring either of those options for a solution?

Hi @pressGO_design !

I sure am!