Group Data and sync to another base (including Tabs layout from source)

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4 - Data Explorer

hi All, 

I´m quite new in creating my own bases etc. 

And I´m struggling with the following. Not even sure Airtable can provide this. 

The case is the following:

I´m working with a campaign which includes multiple types of Activities (Asset Type) and those Activities have multiple versions with unique single ID linked to it. ((and other attributes in the same plan. (Synced by my ID database)).


In my Screenshot you can see the data grouped together. All records are linked to the Group Attribute Campaign. 


So my question would be, if there is a way to group those records into one data source (Campaign with all assigned IDs) and link it e.g. to another Base into one record? See example attached. This group view would have to be connected as One record. 

It´s not that easy to explain as english isn´t my mother tongue so please bare with me:) 


Looking forward for help 🙂 





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Not sure I fully understand, but try:
1. Creating a new table
2. Create a linked field to that new table
3. In a view where there are no groupings, click the field header "Campaign NR", this should select the entire column
4. Copy the selected values
5. Click the field header for the linked field from ste p2
6. Paste the selected values

After you've done this the new table should have one record per Campaign NR value and you can create lookup fields etc to see the data you want

Hi Adam,

This is great. And helps a lot to summarize:) 

One last question. is there a way to somehow view the summarized records next to each other? 

See Screenshot of the expanded view. I would need to see at one glance The right House ID next to the right Material ID. Not underneath each other. reason behind is that they are all linked ( as in the Source view) 



Hmm...what if you created a formula field in your original table to display the House ID with the Material ID and use a lookup on that formula field?

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Tnaks, Adam! 


I´ve tried it but the formatting doesn´t work. it really is a concatenation without any kerning or formatting . A view as in the original table would be great. But i´ll try some different things. You gave me some great understanding on Linking and table settings. 

Highly appreciated 🙂