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Help with IF formula choosing between three options

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Hey guys,
so I have a test which contains a series of questions. Each question has a single select field with 3 answers. Each of these answer has a different value (for example: answer X = 9 pts; answer Y = 3 pts; answer Z = 0 pts). I need to create a field where to insert a formula that generates the exact amount of points with every answer.
Something like this:
“question 1 > IF answer = X > 9 pts; IF answer = Y > 3 pts; IF answer = Z > 0 pts”

Your help would be greatly appreciated,
thanks a lot

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Hi Federico. The SWITCH statement is your friend here.

SWITCH({single select field name},
'X', 9,
'Y', 3,
'Z', 0)

You would need a formula field with a statement like this for each question field.