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How do I take a date from two separate columns and fill a third column with that data?

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Thank you in advance for your help!

I have two columns with dates related to when students passed quizzes. For those that pass Quiz 1, we have a date and nothing in the column for Quiz 2, which would be a second attempt to pass the course. I’d like to create a third column where it contains the pass date from either Column 1 or Column 2. I’m not finding the right combination for a formula. I’d appreciate some help.

I’m also not sure how to write a value for saying that any date is ok, and that any cell that doesn’t have a date can be skipped.

I’ve tried something like this but it’s totally wrong, and I’m missing how to write any date rather than specifying an exact date too.

IF(OR({Quiz 1: Date}=“Date”,{Quiz 2: Result}=“Date”),“Date”,“Date”)

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The new column is trying to show the pass date based on whether it was Quiz 1 or Quiz 2? Is there a column that says whether Quiz 1 or Quiz 2 is passed? You could run the formula off of that instead. Here’s a formula if it’s a checkbox field. It will show no date if neither quizzes are passed. You could also change it if there’s a score field and not a passed field, so Score > 69 for example.

  {Quiz 1 Passed} = 1, 
  {Date 1},
    {Quiz 2 Passed} = 1,
    {Date 2}

Thanks so much Carl. I’ll give that a try. I also tried this one which worked: Column S is the combination of both columns and this formula goes into Column S.
IF({Column T}, {Column T},{Column Z})