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How to concatenate formula with date without messy time string

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Hey AT community,

I can’t figure out why this formula isn’t working – AT is telling me it’s an invalid formula:

CONCATENATE({Full Name copy}, IF(NOT({Full Name copy}), Org), " - $", {Received Amount}, " - ",DATETIME_FORMAT({Date Received}, “D/M/YYYY”))

I want the formula to be [name or org] - {$received amount} - date received
Ex. John Smith - $5,000 - 09/02/2022

Thank you!

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Aside from recommending you simplify your IF statement, I believe your issue is with the curly quotes around your date format.

IF({Full Name copy}, {Full Name copy}, Org), 
" - $", {Received Amount}, 
" - ", IF({Date Received}, DATETIME_FORMAT({Date Received}, "D/M/YYYY"))

The IF around the date format will avoid errors for when no date is inputted.