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How to multiply the value returned by the IF Statement without showing an error

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I’m using IF Statement with return numbers for two conditions: If it’s a car, one value, if it’s a motorcycle, another value.

Everything is ok about that, however, when trying to multiply the presented result, it shows #ERROR!, how to solve it?

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Remove the quotes around the numbers in your IF formula.

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Hm, sounds like the value you’re trying to multiply is a string. Could you paste your formula here so that I can try to provide a suggestion?

A quick thing to check would be whether you’re wrapping the numbers in quotes.

The following would return a value you could multiply by:

  {Field} = "Car",

And this would not:

  {Field} = "Car",

Welcome to the Airtable community!

Can you share a screen capture that shows the column headings and some sample data?


  {Veículo} = "Carro", 
    IF({Veículo} = "Moto", 


Remove the quotes around the numbers in your IF formula.

That’s right, it worked. Thank you very much.