how to use the value of an entry in one table as a parameter for further calculations in other table

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4 - Data Explorer

The problem is how to use the value of an entry in one table as a parameter for further calculations in other tables.

Table "Settings"
The Settings table has either (A) a separate record for each parameter, or (B) one record in which several parameters are stored (as separate columns). This is not essential, but the (B) option is better. I need one single select field with "EN", "ES", and "PL" values.

Table "Translations"
The following table contains translations into different languages: English, Spanish, and Polish of some fields. Let's call it Class, Item, Description. So here are the columns:
EN_Class, EN_Item, EN_Description, ES_Class, ES_Item, ES_Description, PL_Class, PL_Item, PL_Description.

Table "Base"
And the 3rd table Base where the fields Class, Item, and Description contain values from Table "Translations" depending on which language is selected in the settings.

Also, I think that storing languages in this way is not the best solution. Would be happy to get any help with this.

Link to the table 

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Hi @avyshnya,

Use a lookup field to pull in values from one table into another. More info here

Also, I recommend disabling the link in your post as this gives anyone full edit permissions to your base. A safer way to share a base publicly is by clicking the share button in the top right corner and then "share publicly":

Then anyone who accesses the generated whole base share link can duplicate the base in their own account without becoming a collaborator in yours.

Hope that helps!


@Stephen_Orr1, thank you indeed!

I've changed the share to a public one. 

But still, lookup field the way it works does require that I have a separate field for every record with language value. I want to "change the language of text by changing only one value in the Settings table, not by changing the value for every record in the Base table. 

If you know how to do it in the proper way - let me know.