I don't find the right "count" formula to solve my problem

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello all,

Il have concatenate 3 cells and it gives something like that “FRT5678C9Validated”.
I wouldlike to count in another column the number of time it appears in the fist column.

As you see “FRT5678C9Validated” appears 2 times but it only counts 1.

Can you help me please?

Thanks and have a nice WE!

For airtable

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

Are you coming from a spreadsheet point of view?
Airtable’s count field counts the number of records in the single cell of a linked record field. It does not perform calculations down columns. Your screen capture does not show the linked record field in your table, but I bet that it shows only one linked record in each of those rows.

Building upon what @kuovonne said above, you may want to try grouping & summarizing your records, by using the group function and then the summary bar.

Hello. Thanks! I don’t understand what you want me to show.
What I want to do in the end is managing shedule conflict.
For example i have 2 products with the same name, let’s say “ITEM93”.
If in one row there is the ITEM93 with a startind date 01/09/2020 and a ending date 30/09/2020 and then in another row there is the ITEM93 with a startind date 05/09/2020 and a ending date 15/09/2020 if want airtable tell me there is a schedule conflict for this item. I was trying to do that by doing a concatenate with the name of the item and the month (ex: ITEM93-9) and then count it but maybe there is another way to do it :slightly_smiling_face:

Detecting scheduling conflicts when events have a range of days is highly dependent on your base setup and your workflows. There are also tradeoffs between simply easing manual detection of conflicts (lower code) versus a completely automated system (more code).

You can combine your method of concatenating the name with the month with ScottWorld’s method of grouping by that field and looking at the summary bar for groups with multiple entries. However, this method does not scale well, and is problematic for ranges that span multiple months.

If you have a pro subscription and few enough items, you could try using a calendar view that shows ranges.

Unfortunately, Airtable does not have a built-in method for detecting scheduling conflicts.

Thanks a lot for your answer! Do you know how to create a schedule conflict manager with low code?

Many thanks for your help

Sorry that I don’t have a quick answer for you. As I said before, detecting scheduling conflicts is highly dependent on your base setup.

The simplest method of finding conflicts is to plot the events on a calendar and visually look for conflicts. However, this method does not scale well.

Other methods would require creating a record for every single possible day, and then creating links to every day in an events range. However, again, this method is highly base dependent, and it requires maintaining many linked records.