I need a formula for auto populating the date based on the type of task

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4 - Data Explorer

All of my tasks have different duration times it takes to complete. I need a formula for auto populating the due date of the specific task based on the type of task. I.E. if task=email populate the due date -10 days from the launch date.

I have about 15 different tasks all with different completion duration’s. Can someone help with this?

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi Tyan!

A possibility is creating a new table called “Task Types”
One field in that table would be “time to completion” which you fill with “10” or “5”
On the Task table, lookup the “time to completion” number from the “task type” table and then have a formula field computing the “Due Date”

I’d also have a hard coded due date and if it’s blank then use the due date. This way you could override that formula.

You could also do this with a Zapier integration where any time a new record is added, it would trigger a zap to populate the due date. You’d have to manage it it zapier though.

Hi Jonathon,
Can you provide me with what that formula might look like?

I am really struggling with this

Here you go - this is a link to a sample base I made with some formulas. It’s not elegant, but may give you some guidance.

I’m curious to understand more of what you’re doing. Would you mind sharing why this functionality is helpful?

6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

Also just came across this and think it may also help!

I edited the base (possibly the original?) to add the override due date function you mentioned above, using a simple IF statement, because that was the idea that brought me here.

Thanks for making the adjustment!