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IF(OR()) formula rejected

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This formula is being accepted in a field, and is working:

IF({NOTES}=“to June 2022”,“Yes”,“No”)

but both of these more elaborate versions are being rejected:

IF(OR({NOTES} = “to Dec 2021”, {NOTES} = “Life”, {NOTES} = “Prepaid 2022-2023”), ”Yes", “No”)

{NOTES} = “to June 2022”,
{NOTES} = “to Dec 2021”

Can anyone enlighten me on what I am doing wrong please?

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Hi @Richard_Eddy1 - the formulas seem OK to me (as in the structure is good). It might be an issue of formatted quotes - formulas need plain text not formatted text. This version works for me:

  OR({NOTES} = 'to Dec 2021', {NOTES} = 'Life', {NOTES} = 'Prepaid 2022-2023'),

Thank you. It worked for me too, as did this expanded version. It seems that both single quotes and spaces after commas separating arguments in the OR() are critical:

OR({NOTES} = ‘to Dec 2021’, {NOTES} = ‘Life’, {NOTES} = ‘Prepaid 2022-2023’, {NOTES} = ‘to June 2022’),

A great help. Thank you.


As a side note, spaces shouldn’t be an issue and both double quotes and single quotes will be OK too as long as they are not formatted. By formatted quotes I mean the curly quotes in your posts versus the plain text quotes of my post. For anything but the simplest formulas I often bring in a code editor like Atom as it makes the process of forming the quote a lot easier and errors are easier to spot. Quote marks will be unformatted too.

Ah-ha! Now I understand. For convenience, I had been using an app called Drafts on my Mac to create the code and hadn’t noticed the formatted quotes. That all makes sense and I will be careful in future.