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If Statement w/ Checkbox & Sum

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I’m trying to create a column that will calculate commission on the Sales Price of a job for me, but only if the Commission checkbox is checked. But I can’t get it to work!

Here is what I have:
IF({Commission?} = 1, SUM({Paid (Sold)})*.1 , 0)

What did I do wrong? All it returns are $0.00 even if I have a Checkbox marked!

Thank you for your help!

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With many fields, including checkboxes, testing for the presence of any data (like a check mark) doesn’t require anything to compare against. Just put the field name by itself.

Also, you only have one field in the SUM function, so SUM isn’t really necessary.

What you’re left with is this:

IF({Commission?}, {Paid (Sold)} * .1 , 0)

That worked!!! Thank you!