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If Statement

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Hey Everyone,  Needing help with another if statement.  It is not behaving in the manner I am expecting.


I have 3 fields Odo calculated (Formula Field), Odo miles (Number field) and Final Odometer (If statement).  I am trying to have the Final odometer field populate with the odometer calculated field if the odometer overwrite field is empty.  If the Odometer Overwrite field is not empty I want that number to populate in the Final Odometer field.

I currently have 

IF({ODO Miles} = " ",
{ODO Miles}, {Odo Calculated})
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That formula looks fine.  What's wrong with it?  Could you provide some screenshots?

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That formula looks fine.  What's wrong with it?  Could you provide some screenshots?

ODO Miles = Odometer Overwrite, yes? If so, then what you currently have -  IF({ODO Miles} = " "{ODO Miles}, {Odo Calculated}) - says “if the overwrite is empty, use the overwrite, otherwise use the calculation.”

What I think you want is the opposite:

IF({ODO Miles} = " ", {Odo Calculated}{ODO Miles})
IF({ODO Miles}, {ODO Miles}, {Odo Calculated}). 


Please see a screenshot.  As you can see the calculation field Odo calculated shows since the Odo Miles is empty but where the odo miles is empty.







Hi I tried this equation and unfortunately it did the same thing I am experiencing with my equation.

Oh, because it’s not empty, it’s 0. 

IF({ODO Miles}>0, {ODO Miles}, {Odo Calculation}). 

Strange but the formula ended up working a few days later with no changes.  Must of been a glitch