Influencer branding - upload content and automaitcally match with existing columns

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello dear AirTabler, we are working in Influencer Marketing with AirTable and want to create a form that allows Creators to automatically upload their content.

In the AirTable we map the complete campaign handling, so here are already the names of the influencers.

The form should be neutral, i.e. no linked field can be created so that the creators can select their name and then upload content.

How can we make it so that the creators enter their @handle in the form and the content is then automatically entered into the existing column of their name?

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Assuming you have a table where each record currently represents a Creator, you could:
1. Make the primary field of that table the creator's @handle and link the table to your form submissions table
2. Create an automation that triggers whenever a form is submitted, and its action will be to paste what the creator wrote as their @handle into the linked field to the "Creators" table

This should link it automatically

If not, you could also try creating an automation that triggers when the form is submitted and use a "Find Record" action to locate the appropriate record in the "Creators" table, and then use an "Update Record" action to link them together

@AdrianK The way to do this would be to create an automation. You can either do this with Airtable’s built-in automations, or you can use an external automation tool that has significantly more power such as Make. If you use an external automation tool like Make, then you can either use Airtable’s built-in forms or you can use any form tool on the market that you would like to use, such as the very powerful JotForm.

4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Thanks for your help @ScottWorld @TheTimeSavingCo , I will give it a try and otherwise get back to you if I need further help. Have a nice week!