Inventory manager - Automatically change single select field in a different table

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4 - Data Explorer

I have a table called 'Equipment List' and table called 'Projects'.

I have a single select field in Equipment List called 'Availability' with 2 options, IN and OUT

I have a single select field in Projects called 'Status' with 2 options, COMPLETED and RUNNING

In the Projects table, I have a linked field to Equipment List, allowing to link to multiple records.

The functionality I would like is:

IF Status field in Projects is set to RUNNING, then all the corresponding items in Equipment List field, change their Availability field in the Equipment List table to OUT, otherwise set to IN.

What is the easiest way to do such a thing?

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You could use an automation with repeating groups functionality for this. 

For example, you'd have an automation that would trigger when the Status field is set to "RUNNING", add a repeating group using the linked field to the "Equipment List" table as a list, and then use an "Update Record" action to update each of those records with "OUT"