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Is there any functions like the function Large in Excel?

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Hey here,

I’m tring to find the second to the max value of a array, but i can’t find any functions like Large in Excel.
Is there any way to implement this function?
Thanks for your help

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I’m not sure how you could do it with a formula field but in an automation you could use

function secondLast(array) {
  return - 2)


Thanks! And i have tried to deal with it by using some js scripts :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

`let mainTable = base.getTable(“list”);
let mainTableRecords = await mainTable.selectRecordsAsync({fields:[“volume”,“cal”]});
let mainTableSum =await mainTable.selectRecordsAsync({fields:[“cal”]});
for (let record of mainTableRecords.records) {
let recordget= record.getCellValue(“volume”);
var sumval= recordget[0]+recordget[1];

    await mainTable.updateRecordAsync(record, {
            "cal": sumval