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Planning projects - remaining budget per month

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Hey everyone,

I am trying to set up my upcoming family tasks and expenditures over the next couple month.
One feature that would be nice, is a “remainung budget for month x” formular.


  1. I set the amount I am willing to spend on my tasks every month of the year e.g. 1000 USD max. (don’t know where and how)
  2. I prioritise my tasks ( single select - High, meduim, low)
  3. set an expected expenditure / how much is it going to cost me (Single select Currency)
  4. set the month I want to make that expence (single select - January to December)
  5. ----> How much do I spent each month??? What is my available money in month X?

Airtable has to combine my max amount i am willing to spend, the month the money is planned to be spend and the expected amount, to give me my available budget for this particular month.
This would help me to know if I can afford to spent some more money on tasks this month or if I have to rescedule this task to a diffentent month.

I hope this was not too confusing… Thanks for your help.

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Are you not over complicating this?

i would just write each month into separate columns and then it is simply a subtraction equation?