Rollups using ARRAYCOMPACT and ARRAYUNIQUE don't wrap in tall rows

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4 - Data Explorer

Rollups using ARRAYJOIN will wrap in a Medium, Tall, or Extra Tall cell, but those with ARRAYCOMPACT and ARRAYUNIQUE get truncated. I would think this is not the desired behavior.

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Note that ARRAYJOIN() returns a text string, while ARRAYCOMPACT() and ARRAYUNIQUE() return arrays. Try appending ‘&''’ (that is, the ampersand character followed by an empty string) to either of the last two functions to cast the response into a string; I expect they will then wrap.

Ahhh…great catch. I should have RTFM a little closer and caught that ARRAYCOMPACT and ARRAYUNIQUE returned arrays. Thanks!

I think it’s something you more need to intuit than read. :winking_face:

Actually, it is in there, but very subtly indicated.