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I am creating a schedule, the schedule us currently ordered by start time. I have a formula that adds duration to start time to create an end time.
However whenever I change a duration the order does not change automatically, this is because the start time is not connected to the previous session’s end time. Is there anyway to do this so that the start time equals the end time of the previous row?
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Welcome to the community, @Sarah_Tilley! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Because Airtable’s data storage is more like a database than a spreadsheet, rows (records) have no inherent knowledge of each other. While it’s technically possible to link records together in the same table and use lookup/rollup fields to pull from the linked records, in this situation it ultimately leads to a circular relationship, which Airtable won’t allow.

Aside from some really messy multi-table solutions (which I never took the time to fully delve into because…well, they’re really messy), the only way to pull this off inside Airtable is with the help of a script. This could be triggered manually by putting the script in a Scripting block, or possibly using an automation, though the latter would require some very carefully planning to keep the automation’s changes from triggering further changes in a chain reaction. Personally, I’d play it safe and use the Scripting block.

If you’d like help with either option, just give a shout!