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Set Checkbox = True, if the Record's date is after Today

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I have a Date Field and a Checkbox Field

I would like Records with Dates in the Past to be unchecked and Dates that are equal to today or in the future to be checked.

Date Checkbox
3/16 True
3/15 True
3/14 True
3/13 False
3/12 False
3/11 False
3/10 False

Thank you

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Probably a better way to do this but here is my 5 minute effort:

I used two formulas and a date column

diff formula: DATETIME_DIFF(Date,TODAY(), “days”)

checkbox formula: IF(Diff > -1,“ :white_check_mark: ”)

@Mac Nice work, this is exactly what I needed, thank you

Beautiful! Glad I could help!

I have a similar need, but I want a checkbox column checked TRUE if a date field is after real-time TODAY.
I.e., If my “Expiration date” field is after TODAY, I want my “Active Term” Field checked true.