Social media tally for each channel for one campaign in single line view

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Hi all -

I’m relatively new to Airtable, so I apologize if this question has a simple fix. I’m creating a social media calendar and I have one campaign that has promotions in various channels. For example, this one promotion will be featured in a FB post, an Instagram story, Linkedin, and Twitter.

I’m trying to see if there is a way to display the campaign on one line in Airtable with multiple selects to show where it will be featured and the number of placements that correspond with each channel. (2 FB posts, 1 Instagram story, 1 linkedin post).

Based on what I’m seeing, I don’t see a way of doing this. I can obviously do a multiple select field with the different channels, but I can’t break out the individual number of posts on one line.

I’m trying to avoid not having to list the promotion multiple times to show the number of placements for each channel.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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Welcome to the community, @Matt_Toth!

You will need to create a one-to-many relationship.

This will require 2 tables, and a linked record field to link your records between the tables.

One table will be “campaigns” and the other table will be “placements”. You would link each campaign to one or more placements, and then you can create your calendar from the placements table.

You can learn more about “one-to-many relationships” in this article, which also explains the more advanced “many-to-many relationships” as well. However, for your needs, you don’t need “many-to-many” — you just need “one-to-many”.