SUMIF Formula a possibility? Want to Auto-populate

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4 - Data Explorer

Im trying to create a table in Airtable that would auto-populate some totals from other tables in the same base. Basically, I want to see what the sum of a total is in a specific view in a separate table.

I have a field labeled “Total Words” and the sum of those numbers changes depending on the view. I know how to do this in Excel, I would create a SUMIF formula.

I want the cell to display the sum based upon if a record is categorized as “Ready to Post”, “In Progress”, or “Needs Assigned”.
I can’t figure out if this is possible. Please help!auto populate Ready to Post

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Hi @Martina_Perault,

Welcome to Airtable Community! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes:

What you are looking for is Conditional Rollups. To do this, the fields you are trying to Sum must be linked to another field in another table (where you want to see the sum)


And how to do it?
Please send us an example.

Hi @Evgeny_Rumyantsev ,

Sorry for the late reply. I can do that but it is better if you send me a screenshot of your base so I can help you