Suspected Bug in filterByFormula feature (AirTable API) (thoroughly tested)

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there, I have written and tested a formula (it works) -
AND(IS_AFTER({Invoice Date}, “12/31/2020”), IS_BEFORE({Invoice Date}, “12/31/2021”))

Where invoice date is a valid date field.
This works perfectly well on the table interface, returning 0s and 1s as needed.
When I use the exact same formula on filterByFormula parameter in the API, it returns (NodeJS) -

AirtableError {
message: ‘The formula for filtering records is invalid: Invalid formula. Please check your formula text.’,
statusCode: 422

I couldn’t find any documentation saying that AND could not be used.
*note - I already succeeded using only one date formula - IS AFTER

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