Timesheet function to show available hours from each "week" as running total

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi all -

I have a table that acts as a timesheet for the same users to submit hours each week.

I use the 'Hours Logged' from Fig. 1 (which is an entry for that week) and add it as a lookup value to my table with my people names (Fig. 2). There's multiple entries in the Hours Logged in Fig. 2 as it should, but when I go to my main table, it doesn't show the 'Hours Logged Sum' for that week. Instead, it shows it based on all entries. Is there a way so that I can get the 'Hours Logged Sum' to show what the sum would be for that week like a running sum for each individual? 

As an example, how would I show that the hours logged sum would be: 

Hours logged = 3.0; Hours Logged Sum = 3.0; Max Hours = 40; Hours available = 37

Hours logged = 1.0; Hours Logged Sum = 4.0; Max Hours = 40; Hours available = 36

Hours logged = 5.0; Hours Logged Sum = 9.0; Max Hours = 40; Hours available = 31

Fig. 1



Fig. 2


^ Shows the running sum here, but it adds them altogether for every entry that matches the lookup. 



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