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Trouble with !=BLANK()

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So I am trying to create a formula that would help me out w/ some grammar issues in my Page Designer.

Basically, if there is a contact in the secondary contact field named Gina Malone, I want the function to populate as “and Gina.” If the secondary contact field is blank I want the function field to remain blank. The below function does a great job of producing what I need when there is a contact in the secondary contact field, but always populates as “and” when secondary contact is blank.

IF({Secondary Contact}!=BLANK(), "and “) & LEFT({Secondary Contact}, SEARCH(” ", {Secondary Contact})-1)

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basically, you want IF({Secondary Contact}, "and “{Secondary Contact}, “”)

I’m ignoring the first name extraction for the moment. If you enter just a field reference, then it will evaluate it for ‘blank or not blank’

Mike’s suggestion is mostly on point, but it has a syntax issue. Here’s the correction wrapped into (and correcting a separate issue with) your original formula:

IF({Secondary Contact}, "and " & LEFT({Secondary Contact},
    SEARCH(" ", {Secondary Contact})-1))

If you insist on using != BLANK() as sometimes you may need such comparison, try using !="" instead (2 double quotes with no space in between).

Thank you! I’m new to this, so very much appreciate the help. Worked like a charm.