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Unique Values Only from a Look upfield that with multiselect tags

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I have 3 columes in my table formatted as such: A Linked record field + 2 look up fields from the linked record. (crossed out proprietary info)

this linked record field shows all clients that been accepted by this playlist. The client may show up multiple times if they have been accepted by the playlist more than once or for different projects. This is fine.

The problem then comes in the artist genre and genre/moods look up fields which reference multiselect fields from the a different table. The genre and moods fields will list multiselect values multiple times because of the multipile records that have been accepted by the playlist. I am trying to show unique values for these two look up columns, but cannot seem to figure out how.

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It’s unclear whether this is possible to accomplish in Airtable, or if Airtable even supports this. I’ve gotten this to work in one base, but not in another base. I discuss my success with this in the thread below, but I cannot consistently reproduce my success:

Hi, if you are looking toget unique value from a multi select field then forgot about it ^^

This is interesting. I looked up an old base where I was able to get list of unique linked multi-select values. The system worked with a combination of a lookup field and a formula field with ARRAYFLATTEN() and ARRAYUNIQUE(). However, that base is now acting inconsistently. I have contacted Airtable support with the issue.

Thanks all - I have tried all of these proposed solutions. Even something as simple as adding a formula column with ARRAYUNIQUE(Artist Genre) doesnt do anything.

Seems like this should be a straight forward fix but nothing works.