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Use "Last Updated" field to calculate if a page needs an update automatically

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I’d like to have a column which will display if it’s time for a page to be updated. It should look at my “Last Updated” column date and if today’s date is less than 1 month from then it from then it would say “Current”, if more than 1 month it would say “Needs Update”, if more than 2 months it would say “Update Now”. Any thoughts? Thanks!

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Bill, great to see you in the community! Welcome!

Can you be more specific about your definition of a “page”?

Hello! By that I just mean a record I have in my table, for example, a URL in the first column which points to one of the pages on our site.

I see, so you’re using this table as part of a content refresh calendar - a tickle-folder of sorts to ensure web content get’s a little freshening, right?

Yep, so I think you need just a formula field that takes the last updated date field and adds 30 days to it, right?


Days Since Refresh

DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Last Update})/86400

Update Status

IF({Days Since Refresh} < 30, "Current", "Needs Refresh")

Yes, exactly. Now let’s say I have three options though, how would I do this?
Last Update is less than 30 days would be “Current”
Last Update is between 30 days and 60 days would be “Needs Refresh”
Last Update is more than 60 days days would be “Update Now”


IF({Days Since Refresh} < 30,
  IF({Days Since Refresh} < 60,
    "Needs Refresh",
    "Update Now!"

Thanks for this. Now I think I have figured out what I want. How do I use simply the DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Last Update})/86400 formuala, but if it returns an empty value, the cell is left blank?

Days Since Refresh

  IF({Last Update} = '',
    DATETIME_DIFF(TODAY(), {Last Update})/86400

Great! Going to bother you with one more thing. I’d like to color records based on my Days Since Update field. Could I do that? For example if under 30 days, green. If between 31 and 60 days, orange. And anything greater than 61 days, red.

If you have a Pro account, this is possible to a degree.

I do have the pro. I actually was able to set something like that up, i remember i saw a <,>,= option, but after i added your new formula, with the no zero spaces, it went away and i cant find it.

Is it possible you were on a Pro account during a free trial?

I definitely have the premium version, but I did something and now I can’t see how to add back that feature. Is there no way to do that? Make it so the record turn green, orange or red based on a certain number of “Days Since Last Update”?